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Children with special needs have complex and unique educational challenges. Families with special needs children, work diligently to find an appropriate school that is properly designed to maximize their child’s potential.

Schools that are designed for special needs children have a very high cost to operate. They are staffed at a very low teacher:student ratio, often 1:1 and sometimes even 2:1. In addition, such schools provide therapists, specialists and special facilities.

Tuition for a single child for one year can run as high as $108,000!

Parents have a simple decision to make, find the money to send their child to a Jewish private school, or send their holy Neshoma to the public schools system. By providing scholarship funding, Chasdei Soul II Soul helps ease the burden of the decision.

Once a year, Chasdei Soul II Soul presents a concert and runs a fund-raising campaign. 100% of the proceeds each year are distributed to help special needs children attend a Jewish school. As much money as we can raise is then divided by the number of applicants and paid to the schools.

As a Crown Heights based organization, our criteria are simple. Any child living in Crown Heights that attends an approved special needs school is eligible to receive funding. All the family needs to do is apply.

Chasdei Soul II Soul
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