Send Chaim to a Kosher school

Chaim has Autism. Chaim needs to go to Yeshiva. You can help!

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Chaim is a sweet 8 year old boy with Autism who loves going to Shul with his father to daven.

Chaim can’t attend a regular Yeshiva.

Public school can accommodate his needs, but he will be in an environment that is far from the holiness we hope to surround our children with.

He can go to a unique and special Jewish school that caters to his needs. However, that school costs $100,000 per year. Where should Chaim go to school?

Let’s help send Chaim to a Kosher and special school. Chaim’s parents need to sue the board of education and if they are successful, they will get up to $50,000 towards his tuition. Leaving them with the burden of raising $50,000.

You can send Chaim to yeshiva. Please join the campaign for Chaim.